Handcrafted koji since 1689- Spanning 8 generations


About Us

In business here for over 3 centuries, we hope to be here forever.

Since 1689, our family has been making koji in the same shop on the same street in Saiki City. 86-year-old Koichi Asari is the eighth-generation koji master, still working daily in the koji room using techniques passed down from his father. He is passing on his knowledge to his grandson, Ryotoku, who will eventually be the ninth-generation koji master.

Our shop is located at the base of Shiroyama in Saiki, a coastal city located on the central east side of the island of Kyushu. Rich in nature with abundant forests and a beautiful coastline, Saiki is the largest city by area in Kyushu.

We are committed to producing high-quality koji using time-honored methods. We use traditional, manual techniques with no automation. The rice used for the koji is grown here in Oita Prefecture. No preservatives, additives or artificial coloring are used in our koji.

We offer koji and koji products such as miso, shio-koji, and amazaké for the cooks of the 21st century. Please contact us for information about our products or workshops on cooking with koji.