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Simple to use and enhances the taste of food

Shio-koji is koji that has been fermented in salt. It is a live food that is rich in enzymes and brings out the umami in foods. It can be used in place of salt in any dish or as an ingredient in sauces. The saltiness is mild and sweet. Using shio-koji instead of salt will lower the overall salt content in your food. With shio-koji you get the same salty flavor with less than 50% of the salt content.

Shio-koji imparts a rich savory flavor and makes any dish delicious. It is excellent to use when marinating fish or meat.

Once you start using shio-koji, it will become one of your essential cooking ingredients. Please see our recipe pages for ways to use shio-koji in your everyday cooking.

Golden Ratio of Shio-koji
To bring out the best flavor in foods

1:10 shio-koji weight: total ingredient weight

For each:
    100 gms ingredients, use 10 gms (1 ½ tsps) of shio-koji
    1 lb ingredients, use 2 ½ tablespoons shio-koji
    ½ lb ingredients, use 4 teaspoons shio-koji

When substituting for salt in a recipe: for each teaspoon of salt, use 2 teaspoons of shio-koji.

Helpful measurements:

1 generous tablespoon = 20 gm
1 generous teaspoon = 7 gm