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Kojiya Products

All our products are made using ingredients grown or produced in Japan. We use no artificial colors, preservatives, or additives. These items are available from our shop in Saiki and online via our Japanese website.

We are sorry but we can only take orders in Japanese.
We cannot ship outside of Japan.

Thank you for your understanding.

Homemade Koji
Our koji that we have been producing for over 300 years
Keep refrigerated, up to 2 weeks
Natural salt seasoning made using koji. Simple to use and brings out the umami in food.
Keep refrigerated, up to 6 months
Ama-koji (Amazaké Base)
Natural sweetener made using koji and mochi rice.
Keep frozen, up to 6 months
Refrigerated keeps 10 days.
Amazaké “Hitoyokoi”
Non-alcoholic sweet beverage.
Frozen, keeps up to 6 months. Use soon after defrosting.
Yoichi Miso
This miso has a rich koji aroma.
We offer two varieties: a light-colored, young miso and a darker-colored mature miso.
Best used within 6 months. Keep refrigerated.
Garlic Shio-koji
These shio-koji infused garlic cloves can be used in cooking. They are also delicious to eat as is! Use the shio-koji in cooking for a mild garlic flavor.
Keep refrigerated up to 6 months.
Homemade Miso Kit
Make your own miso at home.
Kit includes: soybeans, rice koji, barley koji, and salt, instructions
Use within 2 weeks. Keep refrigerated.
Koji-based seasoning. Rich sesame flavored sauce- a taste reminiscent of Japanese countryside cooking.
Keep refrigerated up to six months
Koji Natto
Rich in enzymes-the quintessential Japanese fermented food
Keep refrigerated up to one month
Kara-koji (Spicy koji)
A delicious, spicy koji cooking sauce
Keep refrigerated up to six months
Recipe Book (in Japanese)
Original recipes from Myoho, the Kojiya-Woman
Kojimonogatari Gift Pack
Includes one jar of each: koji natto, dashi-koji, and shio-koji
Keep refrigerated. Koji natto keeps for one month. Dashi-koji and shio-koji keep for 6 months.