Asagaya Tanabata Festival :COTO-LAB Special Workshop


Come and visit COTO-LAB, only a 1-minute walk from JR Asagaya station.
During the Asagaya Tanabata Festival, we will offer special classes & workshops perfect
for summer. Individuals, families, kids are all welcome

This 30 minute class will give you the basic knowledge of “Koji”, the key ingredient to make
Japanese fermented foods, which are rich in “umami”. Also enjoy our Sushi Making
workshop, and the taste of Sushi you will make, served with pickles made with Koji.
Duration of class: 30 minutes Lesson fee 2,160yen (tax included)
①10:30~11:00 ②11:15~11:45
③13:00~13:30 ④13:45~14:15

Contact and Booking:/

今回は“手まりずしと糀ピクルス” 30分のミニ講座です。
受講料 2,160円(税込)
①10:30~11:00 ②11:15~11:45
③13:00~13:30 ④13:45~14:15